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What to Expect at Align Chiropractic Center

Align Chiropractic Center is here to help!

Get back on the path to health

Good Energy and Comprehensive Care

Not sure what to expect? We welcome you to our modern upscale state of the art facility where you will be greeted by our friendly staff.

Getting to Know You

When you arrive at Align Chiropractic Center, you’ll complete our new patient paperwork, including your medical history and insurance information. Don’t worry if you don’t have insurance or if your insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic. We’ll help you get the care you need and make sure it’s affordable.

You’ll tour the office to help introduce you to anything that’s unfamiliar and allow you to get to know us better. Then we’ll want to get to know you.

During your new patient consultation, we’ll learn more about your current problem, your medical history, and why you came to us for help. We’ll let you know whether your condition or symptoms can benefit from chiropractic care. If so, we’ll get started…

Your First Visit

Next, you’ll have a complete, comprehensive physical exam, which will include the following examinations:

  • Chiropractic
  • Orthopedic
  • Neurological

Based on the outcome of these tests additional testing may be ordered. If x-rays are needed to further evaluate your present problem we also provide the convenience of onsite X-ray. This way we’ll have everything we need to make a diagnosis.

To start you on the road to healing, we’ll give you some form of treatment to encourage relaxation and pain relief. If you’re experienced with chiropractic you may be adjusted during this first appointment, but all care is patient-dependent.

You can expect your consult and exam to last roughly 45 to 60 minutes.

Continuing Care

The next time we see you, we’ll sit down together and review the information from your exam, including any X-rays or test results. You’ll be able to understand better the source of your pain, and we’ll be able to give you some individualized goals and options for care.

You care will be based on your exact needs – not everyone is going to receive the same course of chiropractic care.

You can expect this visit to last about 40 minutes.

You can expect future office visits to be about 20 -25 minutes.

Let’s talk about chiropractic care can change your life. Call Dr. Kimberly Soliman at (407) 614-3845 to learn more or to schedule your appointment.